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The Winery


Bodegas Vega de Yuco is a young company established in 1997. Our aim is to obtain a high quality product as a result of the combination of traditional methods and newest technologies.

Our small production allows us to lavish attention on giving a strong personality to our wines. The main advantage of a limited production is the focus on an intensive specialization in the product`s transformation. The result is a high quality wine.

Since its origin until now, many things have changed in the winery: the staff has increased and new production processes have been implemented. In 2005, the creation of the brand Yaiza meant a turning point: the blue bottle, with its original design, became symbol of the winery and sales increased exponentially in the next years. But it was only the first step in the long way of innovation of the productive processes; successively, several new products have come to life as a result of the investigation: the fizzy wines Masdache, the organic wine or the liquors D’Yuco are some examples of the innovation aim of our experts.

Nowadays, the winery produces around 300.000lt per year, which are mainly sold in Lanzarote and the rest of the Canary Islands. Little by little, relatively important export transactions are also been effected to the mainland and several European countries.


Despite you can find Vega de Yuco in several tourist guides, the winery is off the beaten tracks that are organized in Lanzarote. We are located on a high spot in the middle of a protected area, what prevents us from having a wide parking place for tourists. That´s the reason why we don’t organize regular guided tours.

However, periodically we organize visits for small groups. The monthly calendar can be found here, and is also published in our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Average duration of the visit is 90 minutes, and includes tasting of three different wines. The price per person is 10€.

Furthermore, we have a small shop in our facilities, where you can buy any of our wines. Opening times are from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to 15.00h. Bank holidays and weekends we are closed.


If you are a group (min. 10 people) interested on a private visit, please contact us and we will let you know about availabitily. You can write us trough this web site, via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or on the phone nr. +34.928.524.316. If you prefer, you can also send us a whatsapp to +34.609.217.014.


The location of the winery, in the middle of the Lomo de Tese, has a lot to do with our way of work. It is a hill located on a narrow road between Masdache and Tias, at the beginning of La Geria, but out of the touristic areas. The views from here are simply astonishing: volcanos, vines, palm trees and several little white houses spread here and there.

Following the Lanzarote architectonic rules, the buildings that make up the production center are fitted in the landscape, in a way that it is difficult to see them from the road.

Along the path that goes up to the winery facilities, and still further to the top of Lomo de Tese, there is a botanical garden that hosts up to 60 endemic plants, of which we can point out the verodes, tabaibas and cardones. Their roots give firmness to the sole and their branches protect the vines from the wind.

In the terrace and around the main building live many other autochthonous plants of Lanzarote, such as the Margarita de Famara, the Yesquera or the Siempreviva.



ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY (only available in Spanish)

La empresa BODEGAS VEGA DE YUCO tiene la misión de ser una organización dedicada al sector vinícola en un lugar privilegiado, con denominación de origen en Lanzarote, nos dedicamos a la elaboración, embotellamiento y distribución de vino.

Por ello estamos comprometidos a desarrollar nuestras actividades de manera respetuosa con el medioambiente tratando de reducir a la menor cantidad posible los impactos ambientales, siempre teniendo en cuenta las posibilidades reales de nuestra organización para que la consecución de la misión no comprometa la estabilidad de nuestros empleados.

La visión de BODEGAS VEGA DE YUCO es ser una empresa orientada a la gestión por procesos para asegurar el control y mejora de los mismos, la integración de nuestro personal en su desarrollo, y el cumplimiento del compromiso de prevención de la contaminación en la medida de lo posible para que con el tiempo nuestros impactos sean menores, para ello se tratarán de reducir los consumos de recursos naturales en la medida de lo posible así como la producción de residuos.

Conscientes de la necesidad de contar con herramientas y métodos adecuados para desplegar nuestra misión y visión, hemos implantado un Sistema de Calidad, Medioambiente y Seguridad Alimentaria, según las normas internacionales UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 y UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015.

El objetivo permanente de BODEGAS VEGA DE YUCO es impulsar una cultura que se desplegará a través de los objetivos concretos que la Gerencia establecerá y revisará de manera periódica:

  • Compromiso de mantener un Sistema de Gestión Ambiental buscando un mayor grado de compatibilidad ambiental en nuestras actividades dedicadas a elaboración, embotellamiento y distribución de vino.
  • Cumplir los requisitos legales y otros requisitos suscritos por la organización en materia ambiental.
  • Promover la reducción, reutilización y reciclado de residuos que se generan como consecuencia de nuestra actividad.
  • Comunicación a todo el personal de la organización y todo aquel que trabaje en su nombre esta política.
  • Estará disponible una copia de esta política, para quien lo requiera. Descargar Politica de calidad.



I Concurso Vino Supremum 2017

Rose Wines:

- Gold Medal: Vega de Yuco rosado 2017

Dry whites:

- Gold Medal: Yaiza Malvasía Volcánica seco 2017


XXIX Concurso Regional de Vinos Embotellados Canarias Alhóndiga 2016

Dry whites:

- Silver Medal: Yaiza Malvasía Volcánica 2015
- Silver Medal: Vega de Yuco Malvasía Volcánica 2015

Semisweet whites:

- Silver Medal: Princesa Ico 2015
- Bronze Medal: Yaiza Afrutado 2015
- Bronze Medal: Yaiza Malvasía Volcánica Semidulce 2015


I Concurso Insular de Vinos Embotellados con D.O. Lanzarote 2015

- Best Dry White Wine: Vega de Yuco Malvasía Seco 2014
- Best New Red Wine: Vega de Yuco Tinto 2014

XXVIII Concurso Regional de Vinos Embotellados Canarias Alhóndiga 2015

- Alhóndiga de Bronce: Princesa Ico Semidulce


Concurso Oficial de Vinos de Canarias Agrocanarias 2011

- Best image in the Canary Islands: Aurum Vino de Licor Moscatel
- Silver Medal: Vega de Yuco Malvasía Seco

XXIV Concurso Regional de Vinos Embotellados Canarias Alhóndiga 2011

- Silver Medal: Aurum Vino de Licor Moscatel
- Silver Medal: Yaiza Malvasía Semidulce


Concurso Oficial de Vinos de Canarias Agrocanarias 2010

- Silver Medal: Yaiza Malvasía Seco

XXIII Concurso Regional de Vinos Embotellados Canarias Alhóndiga 2010

- Alhóndiga de Plata: Vega de Yuco Malvasía Seco
- Alhóndiga de Bronce: Yaiza Malvasía Seco


Concurso Oficial de Vinos de Canarias Agrocanarias 2008

- Silver Medal: Yaiza Malvasía Seco

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Camino del Cabezo s/n 
35572 Masdache, Tías, Lanzarote.
Canary Islands
+34 928 524 316
+34 609 217 014

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